Indian food caterer service

About the Chef

Originating from northern India, Indra is bringing to your table a thousand flavors from traditional Indian cuisine. 

20 years of experience as a caterer give him great ability in the art of food preparation to offer menus suiting your preferences.


Whether you're looking for a vegetarian, non vegetarian menu  or a combination of the two, we offer a variety of possibilities to suit all tastes, ranging from more to less spicy flavors.

The Chef is ready to cook at your place with his own equipment or we can simply deliver ready made banquet, depending on the circumstances.

Contact us for a customized menu.

It will be our pleasure to serve you!

Cooking lessons

We invite you to gather a group of interested people, to benefit from a cooking class in 4 sessions.

The objective of the course is taking you to discover the secret in the use of spices and food combinations. You will leave with the satisfaction of a good meal at each session of the course, a recipe book in hand and especially the ability to prepare Indian food by yourself.

The Chef moves with his equipment for a minimum of 10 people per class. Contact us for more information!

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